Friday, January 28, 2011

Looking back and Giving back

  My travels awhile back to the Middle Eastern countries were mostly peaceful, until I stayed in Northern Israel and suddenly the border with Lebanon became a war zone. The above photograph is one I took while in Northern Israel, the men were burning tires to protest Israel's ongoing war with Hezzbollah. Staying in a bomb shelter for a few days was an experience I don't want to repeat, yet many people have to live with this on and off their whole life. I'm not about to take sides or try to explain the conflict, to be honest wars in the Middle East confuse me. All I know is that many innocent people suffer, people that want nothing to do with war at all.

Burning tires blocking traffic

  As a professional landscape photographer I feel I'm only suppose to show beautiful scenes of Mother Nature, yet as I look back through my old slide film from trips I've taken over the years I see I was also inspired by people along the way. There was even a time I daydreamed about being a photojournalist traveling the world covering stories, like war and innocent people dying, and the front lines of disease and poverty. I guess you can say I wanted to save the world through my photography, or at least make it a better place by exposing the world's most pressing humanitarian needs.
  Yet, in a way I do help make the world a better place by creating art through which people feel uplifted and by teaching others how to do the same. As an artist and also a citizen of the world I feel it is important to know what is going on in the world around me. I feel grateful that my life with Landscape Photography as well as with my family and friends is peaceful. When I look back at my past slides I am reminded of how I got to where I am today, and where I want to be tomorrow. I look forward to new travels and sharing images from past journeys.

Zambian Grocery Store
My time spent in Zambia and Mozambique was amazing. Although I've seen the worst of what poverty and disease can do, I've also witnessed true happiness in people being content with nothing but food, water, shelter and each other.

Zambian family
Here's a link to an organization we have supported- This company does humanitarian work all over the world with an emphasis on development and education.

Snow Dreams
Here are a couple other organizations we like to support.
These two organizations help protect the landscapes I've come to love.


  1. Well stated. We have much to be thankful for.

    I see from your Facebook photos that you have a beautiful young family. What a wonderful stage of life you are in. All the best to you all.

  2. Thank you Lily for commenting and for checking out my facebook page!

  3. I think you are truly blessd to see so many parts of the world and embrace what others are going through. It reminds us of how lucky we are. Thank you for the blog.

  4. Its awesome that you are taking photos of reality as well as beauty. Often times those dovetail one another but in the cases above its a different story. There are National Geographic worthy! Beautiful work!