Sunday, January 29, 2012


A few days ago I returned from a week in Kauai, Hawaii with my wife and daughter. We went thinking of it as a vacation from work, not as me being on a nonstop photo-safari.  I did take my camera gear along and managed to create a few images.

Mystical Koke'e Forest
The day was coming to an end and I had not created any new work while trekking through this tropical rainforest in the Koke'e Forest in Kauai. I was enjoying the humid fresh air, the air in Zion Canyon where I live is so dry! Suddenly as I rounded a bend in the trail light beams began to faintly appear until they grew stronger and created this dramatic light. It goes to show that sometimes when you least expect it Mother Nature may have a surprise for you at any moment. 

Rainbow Eucalyptus
 Rainbow Eucalyptus is one of the most colorful trees I have ever seen! Each year patches of bark shed at different times revealing the newer green bark below. As the bark ages and sheds it turns purple,  orange and maroon creating a rainbow of colors.

Overlooking Kalalau Valley

  The Kalalau Valley is one of the most beautiful spots on earth, in my opinion. On this particular morning I watched the fog roll over the lush green valley below, it's no wonder they call Kauai the Garden Isle. On the horizon you can see the ocean in the clearing mist. Not far from here is one of the rainiest places on Earth, Mount Waialeale.