Sunday, January 16, 2011

Film or Digital?

Snow Covered Court of the Patriarchs

Camera- Hasselblad H4D40, Lens- HCD 35-90mm Lens @ 35. Exposure- 1/30 sec @f-27- ISO 100. It consists of 5 images, each a 40 megapixel image taken with the same exposure merged together in Photo Shop, making it a 200 megapixel image.

I'm often asked whether I shoot digital or film, the answer is both. Lately, I've been shooting with my newest camera, a Hasselblad H4D40. It has a 40-mega pixel medium format sensor that produces unbeatable image quality. Yet, I also cant seem to pull myself away from film, even though there is no doubt digital technology is stunning. As a professional, I feel Its important to know where photography came from and to where its going. There is nothing to compare with a perfectly exposed piece of transparency film and the way it seems to jump out off the light box. The image below was taken with my Linhof 6x17 film camera, which produces a piece of film about 2x7 inches. The film is then professionally scanned. An Imacon or Tango Drum scanner creates a ultra high resolution digital image from the original transparency. Is film or digital better than the other? It depends on whom you ask. You can come to my gallery and see they are both capable of producing large high quality photographs with exquisite detail,  especially when higher end lenses and cameras are used.

Wall Street

For this classic location in the Narrows of Zion, I wanted to expose it in a unique way I've never seen before and show off the steep- canyon walls and the Virgin River below so I chose my Linhof Technorama 617. The lens used was a 72mm Schneider Super Angulon XLS. Exposure was 14 seconds at f-32 on Fuji Velvia ISO100 Film.


Camera- Linhof Technorama 617, Lens- 72mm Schneider Super Angulon XLS. Exposure not recorded. Film- Fuji Velvia 100. Photographs like this never cease to amaze me when I see a landscape so beautiful it's able to draw my eye away from such an epic sky.

Sandstone Falls

Camera- Hasselblad H4D40, Lens- HCD 35-90mm @35,  Exposure- 32 seconds @ f-27 ISO 100
In this image I wanted to make you feel as though you can touch the sandstone wall and here the water rushing by. To achieve this, I composed the image close to the canyon wall and set my aperture to allow for a sharp foreground and background. The small aperture opening also enabled me to create a longer exposure making the water appear silky. The dynamic composition of water and stone help pull you into the image.

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