Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Africa: Focusing beyond the landscape

Over the next couple months I will be posting pictures that are a little different than what you know me for, images of people. I lived in Zambia, Africa for six months as a volunteer, while there I was moved by not only the landscape but also the people.

I volunteered in many different projects while in Africa, but my favorite project was starting a peanut butter business with the youth clubs in Zambia. We were able to finance our business with a micro loan. We then harvested the peanuts, manually pounded with mortar and pestles, and distributed the peanut butter to the nearby towns. We were able to double our investment, payback the loan, and create a successful money making business.


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  1. David, this is great on so many levels, from photos to peanut butter. Is there a site to hear more about your trip and see your photos? Or an magizine I can buy? I'm very interested, if so that's great. If I have to wait, cool too. I just hope there is more of this adventure to see. Thanks, all of the Gallery things that I have seen so far are beautiful and moving.