Monday, December 14, 2009

Last Clouds Of The First Winter Storm

Here is another image I captured after the first snow storm in Zion this year. I took it only a couple days ago and the snow has already disappeared except for a little dusting left on the high sandstone peaks. The clouds you see here are the last stragglers of the opening winter storm which left Zion white for a few short days..... until next time.


  1. Nice job David! Thanks for the tip about the Pa'rus trail. I ended up getting some nice abstract reflection images. I was a little disappointed with the flat light I had while there but thats the way it is with limited time. I think my buddy in Vegas and me are going to try to come visit you next Fall for a workshop. Everyone has been blown away by the two prints i bought from you: the eddy swirl and the shot of the crack in the rock with the water rushing through. Take care, John.

  2. Thanks John! It was fun meeting you. Hope to see you again in the autumn.