Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hot Air Balloon Adventure

West Temple From Above
A photo my brother Steve took of us taking off
Steiger, The Balloon Captain
It's not every day you get to go up in a hot air balloon, even less likely over one of the most rugged beautiful landscapes in the world. Recently I was fortunate to experience such an adventure with one of the most adventurous balloon pilots out there, Steiger. It was a surreal journey floating over the landscape I've been studying from the ground for the past 10 years, always trying to show it in a new and unique perspective so naturally I was drawn to the idea of seeing Zion from above.  The two journeys I did were just outside the park taking off at the mouth of the canyon and landing one time up on Gooseberry Mesa and the next in Colorado City. Check out Steiger's website for more information regarding going up on a hot air balloon.

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